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Weld-Studs lines from Drawn wire or Rebar Coils

Weld-Studs line from coil, Straighten, Cut, Chamfer, Stamp, Drill, and Insert Flux Balls

Videx Weld-Stud line is a complete fully-automatic small factory for the production of Weld-Stud or B7 Studs from coil. The new line covers the wire diameter range of Ø12mm- Ø24mm and length of 250mm-2000mm (Ø1/2” to Ø1.1” and length range is 10”-6.5’). The machine is straightening wire from coil, cutting to length, chamfering, Stamping the customer’s logo, drilling, and inserting flux balls on one side.

The machine line will produce 20-30 weld studs per minute using a fully automatic and controlled process. Heading is optional on all models. Open-Die, 2-Blow, Cold-Header

Operation Sequence:

  • The wire is pulled from a powered Turn-Table or horizontal Uncoiler using two feed boxes.
  • The wire is straightened by a rotary straightener.
  • The straight wire hits the positive stop and is sheared by the Flying Shear through a closed quill and open knife, while supporting it, to ensure a square accurate cut.
  • An intermediate magazine accepts cut-to-length blanks.
  • The blanks are clamped and then chamfered and drilled with one tool, on one side.
  • A Stamp indents the far end with the company’s logo.
  • The bars are transferred to the next station, where a flux ball is pushed into the bore.
  • Heading of the weld studs is optional, to form a head.
  • Long Weld-Studs can optionally be packed in carton boxes.



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