Wire Machinery

Ferrous Steel and Stainless Steel Threaded Rod High-Speed Machine

High-Speed, Up to 4m (12’) Threaded Rod Length

Videx is offering fully automatic Threaded Rod lines for both Ferrous Steel and Stainless Steel.

The Stainless Steel line will draw the wire from rod, straighten, cut to length, thread by a 2-roll machine, wipe or wash the oil, create bundles of 5-100 pcs, strap by rope or plastic straps, and palletize the bundles on wooden palettes.

In the Ferrous steel lines, the threaded rods have to be galvanized and therefore have to be removed after thread rolling.  After galvanizing, the thread rods should be fed into a bundling machine that can accept 2-ton bulks, square and count the bars, strap, and palletize.

Both lines are offered as single side lines or dual sidelines.  The dual side lines are comprised of one dual-side straightening and cut machine that feeds two high-speed thread rollers, two washing machines, and one integrated bundling machine.  The double sideline is an ideal solution for high-speed production of threaded rods, both for long and short batches.

The dual-side straightening and cut machine feeds and cuts wire at high speed and diverts the cut-to-length bars to the two sides of the machine, from where they are transferred into two hi-speed thread rollers that were specially designed to accept these bars and thread them at high speed.

The threaded bars are optionally diverted into two washing machines.  After cleaning the bars are counted and arranged in bundles. The bundles are strapped and sent to a Palletizer that packs them on palettes.

This integrated line will double and even triple the production of any standard threaded rod line without any handling or operator intervention and will consume less floor space.

Each side of the dual-side machine is independently operated and controlled.  If necessary, the machine can work on one side only when changing thread rolling dies on the other side, for example.

The machines are equipped with quick change-over features for bar diameter and length.

All the machines in the line are fully mechanical.  There are no clutches or hydraulic components, so the line is quieter and more reliable, requiring minimal maintenance.

The cutting operation in the straightening and cut machine is performed by a rotating cam, driven by a heavy-duty automotive-type gear through a patented “servo” drive. The straightener reciprocates during cut-off (same principle as Flying Shear), so it does not damage the wire as it never twists on the wire in one place.

The Run-Off Guide of the straightening and cut machine is made out of stainless steel, requiring no adjustment when changing wire diameters within the machine range!  The gate of the run-off guide is pneumatically operated; it is quiet and smooth and is well supporting the wire during cut-off, to assure a square cut face.

The positive stop location determines the part length. It is mounted on a carriage that rides along the run-off guide. There is no need to dismantle any part when changing the part length.

The straightening and cut-off machine in the line is controlled by the thread rollers on both sides and by the number of blanks waiting in the magazine to be thread rolled.  The straightening and cut machine will slow down when there are too many parts in the magazine, and will eventually stop if the parts do not clear within a preset time, to avoid any breakage.

For customers who already have drawing machines, thread rollers, or palletizers Videx is also offering partial lines with a single-side or a double-side straightening and cut machine and a bar feeder.



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