Wire Machinery

Thread & Form Rollers for  Hi-Tensile Fasteners

Higher die life, faster PPM, fully automatic, threading any shape and size up to 300-200mm long thread

The VA series is designed to work 24 hours a day.  It has no clutches, slides or hydraulics and it requires almost no maintenance, combine with perfect thread quality, excellent die life and a very high production rate the VA is one of the most cost-effective machines in the market.

The machines are feature with closed structure, a real breakthrough in the planetary system. This technology enabled Videx to offer thread rollers with longer thread length, up to 200mm and 300mm. The Closed-Structure system is designed to overcome deflection and guarantee 100% parallel threads on any length of parts and any material hardness while considerable increase in thread rolling die life.

Other double stations VA models:

  • VA-D for Rolling Threads on two sides of fasteners designed to roll threads above and below the shoulder. Threads may be different or similar.
  • VA-K for Knurl and Thread Rolling Wheel Bolts.
  • VA for single station threading.

Main features of the VA lines:

  • Closed Frame, Supported Spindle structure, allowing rolling parallel threads on long and hi-tensile fasteners without compromising on the thread quality.
  • Hydraulic Clamping of the thread rolling dies and Micrometric Screws for quick-change and precise adjustment.
  • Controlled Feed, equalizing the line speed of the blank to the speed of the rotary die, thus eliminating slippage, and resulting in higher quality threads.
  • Feed Rails made of stainless steel with replaceable hardened ends. Easy and quick manual adjustments.  
  • Automatic air shut-off systems turn off the air supply to the feeder during the time it is not working and to the feed rails when the machine is not operating.
  • Fine adjustment Thread Matching device allows independent, 3-minute perfect match of the dies with a touch of a finger. 
  • The AC speed controller is standard, enabling to run at the highest possible rate for each part.
  • Touch screen for controlling the speeds, errors, etc.
  • Optional:some text
    • Hi-Speed Vibratory/Centrifugal Feeder with fine adjustment settings and noise absorption layer inside.  The feeder base is manually adjustable with no wrenches.
    • Straightening dies
    • T-bolts rails



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