Wire Machinery

Straight & Cut Machines from coil Drawn, Hot-Rolled or Ribbed wire

High speed straight and cut machine, with or without chamfer.

Videx VC machine are the ideal machine for straight and cut machine from coil, available with or without chamfer. The machine works from wire coil and is the ideal solution for small and large production batches and frequent change-over of wire diameters and lengths. The machine provides a clean Square Cut face with no burrs and very accurate cut length, an optional chamfer station is available. 

  • VC series; Mechanical cut, High Speed machines up to 1.5m (60”) long parts.
  • VC-MS series; patented Mechanical Servo machines; Unlimited length capacity.
  • VC-MSC; patented Mechanical Servo machines with chamfer station; Unlimited length capacity.
  • VC-S series; Ultra Hi-Speed machines for very short parts, up to 1,200 PPM.
  • VC-HR; Machines for Hi-Tensile wire, Stainless steel, and Precision medium and low carbon steel, additional Heavy Duty Feed boxes allow to operate Hot-Rolled wire, Deformed steel, Ribbed and Corrugated wire.
  • All models are equipped with:some text
    • Stainless Steel Track requiring No Adjustment when changing wire diameter.
    • Quick-Clamp positive stop assures length repeatability of ±0.1mm (0.004”).
    • Length change in seconds without dismantling parts. Optional digital length readout.
    • Quick-Change wire diameter using Preset straightener plugs and cut-off tooling.
    • Extended Length range; from 10mm (3/8”) long slugs to any length in one machine.
    • Practical Cut-Off speeds; 600 PPM in ø12mm (1/2”) & 250 PPM in ø25mm (1”).
    • Reciprocating Straightener (Equivalent to Flying Shear) with a combination of stationary and rotating dies to ensure better surface quality and faster change-over time.
    • AC speed controllers enable high production rate for any wire diameter & length.
    • Powerful air brakes assure better safety.
    • Maintenance-free machine. No hydraulics, No clutch, No wearing parts.



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