Wire Machinery

Hot Forging Line for Large Diameters bolts

Solid Die, Double-Blow, Chamfer, Extrusion, Thread Rolling

The Videx Hot Forging Line are Solid Die, Double-Blow Formers, designed for hot forming of large diameter hex bolts with a slide-punch, the hex is formed in a closed die and does not require trimming. 

The machines are offered as self-standing or as part of a production line. The self-standing machine accepts pre-cut bars from the induction heating and forges the head in one or two blows.

The complete line includes the following machines:

  • Impact Cutter (0.2 mm length tolerance)
  • The line can also accept cut-to-length bars either cold-drawn or hot-rolled.
  • Chamfer machine which chamfers one end of the bar.
  • Extrusion machine extrudes the bar end to pitch diameter.
  • Transfer machine which guides the bars through the Induction Heater.
  • Forging machine which forges the Hex on the bars in a closed die in 2 blows.
  • Cooling Transfer

Videx is also offering Solid-Die, Single-Blow formers which can be used for either hot or cold forming.



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