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Bar-End Extrusion from Major to Pitch Diameter

The Extrusion machines extrude Cold-Drawn and Hot-Rolled (scaled) bars from major diameter to pitch diameter, allowing thread rolling of the bar ends without having to peel or turn the ends or remove the scale, the extrusion die breaks the scale and extrudes the bars to the pitch diameter, leaving a clean face that results in excellent thread quality.

  • The Extrusion machines can be either hand-fed or equipped with a magazine or operate automatically as part of a line of machines.
  • Hand-fed machines can feed headed parts and long parts as well.
  • The optional magazine can feed and eject short parts and medium-length parts.
  • Short-time extrusion stroke (seconds).
  • The Extrusion machines are available with higher tonnage ratings for upsetting and heading. The machines can be supplied with 1 or 2 stations with either open dies and closed dies and heading tonnage up to 400 tons.
  • Fully automatic machines from coil are available up to Ø25mm.
  • The machines are equipped with oil drip or spray mist that applies extrusion oil around the bars before extruding.



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