Fastener Machinery

Cold Forming Machine for Long and Short Bolts

Up to 4,000 mm bolt length cold forming line

Videx is offering lines of single or multiple-die Hand-Feed Cold Formers.

The machines are designed for the production of small and medium-sized batches of Long Headed, Shouldered, or Extruded parts which can be either straight or bent.  

The Videx Cold Formers are available with 1, 2, or 3 heading stations and tonnage ratings from 50 to 300 tons.  A threading station is optional on all models.

The feed of the parts is done either from the front (for straight parts) or from the side (for bent parts that need to be collated or headed close to the bend).

The machines are designed for a rapid and simple change-over. The whole gripper die block lifts pneumatically and die changes can be performed outside the machine. The heading tools are reachable from the side and can be changed in a few minutes.

The position of the blank is precise due to the retractable
positive stop and the stroke is fully adjustable by turning a big wheel at the back of the machine.

When supplied as a fully automatic machine, the machine will also straighten, cut to length, and optionally thread the parts and bend them. From coil to finished product

VRH models are available as magazine-feed or hand-feed.

VAS-TRH models start from a coil, straighten the wire, cut to length, cold form, and optionally thread.



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