Wire Machinery

B7 Studs Machine from Bars & Coils

From Coils, Blanks or Bars; Fully Automatic Machines & Lines

The V-B7 line of machines is designed to Chamfer & Stamp Hi-tensile Studs (ie. B-7).

There are a few options of lines, fully automatic machine from coil to finished product, or from blanks.

Each model has capacity for a wide range of wire diameters and lengths. These CE safety-approved machines are easy to set and are low maintenance. They are designed and constructed for the production of small and medium size batches.

The heavy-duty chamfer heads produce a clean smooth chamfer and longer life of the chamfer tips. The chamfers are cut dry, at high speed, without lubricant, and the dry chips are then ejected out of the machine, keeping the work area dry and clean. Stamping can be single, or double-end.

The machines accept pre-cut blanks, which can be fed automatically by an external feeder, or by a hand-feed magazine.

When working from long bars, Videx offers a quick-change feed table, and a bar shear that will cut the bars to a precise length, and remove the bar ends to a recycle bin.

Working from coil is also possible, up to M-24 (1”).

An optional conveyor can be added, to feed the chamfered and stamped blanks into a thread roller, if required.



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