videx machine engineering

Machinery For The Wire & Fastener Industry




The Most Operator Friendly Thread Rollers on the Market;

Single-End and Double-End models available


·         Lowest rolling cost per piece.

·         Controlled-Start of the Thread Rolling process.

·         Single Side models with Supported Bar End device.

·         Thread Length Change on both ends in 4 minutes.

·         Overall Length Change in 3 minutes. 

·         Optional Motorized length change by a gear motor.

·         Taper Compensation for perfectly parallel threads.

·         Mechanical Transmission.  No Hydraulics, No Leaks.

·         AC Speed Controller with digital speed display.

·         Optional Digital Readout of the part overall & thread lengths.

·         Operator Consoles on both sides of the machine.

·         Optional Hydraulic Clamping of the Thread Rolling dies.


Explanation of the various machine features:

·         Videx Controlled Start system, using a wide hold-back finger that equalizes the blank speed to the rotary die speed during introduction. This results in longer die life, better thread quality and fewer feed jams.

·         AC Speed Controller on the main spindle, allowing die matching at a slow speed.  The speed controller enables running the machine at the highest possible rate for every thread size, according to the operator’sfeeding capability.

·         Optional Hydraulic Clamping of the thread rolling dies, with micrometric adjustment of the thread rolling pressure. Allows precise adjustment of the pressure and the ability to record the settings for future use of the same thread rolling dies.
This feature is a great help in reducing set-up time when changing thread sizes.

·         Taper Compensation system on the segment holder achieving  parallel threads in one minute without shimming the segment holder, regardless of material hardness.

·         Quick-Change Magazine, for Quick Change-over from one diameter to another.  When changing diameters the operator is required  only to change gages and guides, and does not have to do any set-up adjustments.

·         Dual Control panel, allows opration from both the front and back of the machine!

·         Heavy Duty Transmission, with oversized gears and main spindle bearings. 

·         Quick Release Feed arms for quick length adjustment ( less than 1 minute ).

·         Mechanically driven machine.  No hydraulics and no leaks.   The mechanical drive is low noise and is more reliable than any hydraulic drive, requiring very little maintenance.

·         Fine- Adjustment, Quick Change Thread Length on both ends of the bar.

·         Quick- Change Thread Rolling Dies, using the Split Main Spindle design.

·         Longer Die Life, obtained by the new Videx Controlled Start feed system and the blank supports along the threading process. 

·         Blank Support mechanism, holds the blanks while they roll along the rolling path, for longer die life. The blanks get the rotational speed of the rotary die before they are fed into the threading dies, assuring fluent feed and less slippage than in any other feed system.

   Model & Specifications

VS-10 series

VS-20 series

VS-25 series

VS-35 series

  Maximum Thread

  @ 750 N/mm² / 105 kpsi









  Maximum Thread

  @ 900 N/mm² / 130 kpsi









  Minimum Thread


NC #8







  Die pocket options

60 / 80mm

100 / 105mm

100 to 130mm

100 to 155 mm

  Overall part length options

560 to 1000mm

22” to 40”

660 to 1000mm

26” to 40”

750 to 1,800mm

30” to  70”

900 to 3,000mm

36” to 12’

  Production rate

Up to 240 PPM

Up to 200 PPM

Up to 180 PPM

Up to 135 PPM

  Floor space
 (shortest length version)

2.0m X 0.7m

6.6’ X 28”

2.8m X 1.0m

 9.2’ X 39”

3.0m X 1.1m

10’ X 41”

3.8m X 1.4m

 12.5’ X 55”