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The VN-20 is a nail roller that is designed to roll Spiral and Ring forms on nails.

The pre-headed nails are fed from a vibratory feeder into the feed rails of the VN-20, and from the feed rails they are fed in between the rolling dies.

The Spiral or Ring forms are rolled in between the rolling dies.   The nails are fed in between a round rotating die and a moon shaped segment die.

The VN-20 is designed for continuous rolling of nails at a very high production rate, without the need for cooling the rolling dies.

The machine is equipped with quick change devices for easy set-up for:

   ·   Nail length.

   ·   Nail diameter.

   ·   Form length.

   ·   Matching of form marks for spiral flute nails.

   ·   Matching of impressions for ring shank nails.   (No shims needed anywhere).

   ·   Adjustment of the rails in relation to the feeder.

   ·   Adjustment of the feeder on the frame.

The 11 KW (15 HP) spindle motor is driven by an electronic speed controller, allowing infinitely variable speed of the main spindle up to 130 R.P.M.   This feature always enables working at the fastest feed rate available, and allows the operator setting up the machine at a low convenient speed. The R.P.M. is displayed on the speed controller control panel.

The main taper roller bearings and the rolling head are lubricated and cooled by a forced oil system, thus no coolant fluid is necessary and nails are always clean and dry, and can           be immediately processed to the welding station or to the packaging machine.

This machine is equipped with automatic clamping of the nail rolling segment die holder, enabling manual pressure change without using tools.  The automatic clamping also enables recording of the position of the pressure bolts, for quick repetition, when changing from one nail size to another.

  • Stainless Steel Feed Rails, for years of trouble free operation (also for magnetic nails).
  • Wrench-Free feed rail system is safe to adjust while machine is running.
  • Zero-Taper mechanism, allowing rolling Parallel Rolled Nails in seconds.   
  • Nail feed done pneumatically by a rotating feed arm. No Feed Slides. No Springs.
  • Powerful AC speed controller with a digital speed display.
  • Friendly Operator Console with a fault reading display.
  • Hi-Speed feeder with fine position adjustment, mounted on a vibration free sub-plate.
  • Automatic Die Clamping with Micrometric Screws. Easy setup with no wrenches.
  • Heavy Duty Transmission. Automotive type, that is designed to work “forever”. 
  • Automatic Air Shut-Off system to the Rail Turbine Vibrator and the nail feeder (VN-20).
  • Ring Nail Matching Device lifting to rotary die. No shimming! (VN-20).
  • Spiral Nail Matching Device with set screws, for accurate & quick die matching. (VN-20).
  • Optional Feeder Level Control, for operating an external bulk feeder/conveyor.
  • Nail Feed Control, arranging the nail heads and doubling the daily output (VN-20).
  • Expandable Mandrel for the Rotary Rolling Die for easy mounting and removal (VN-20).   
  • Optional Vacuum Connection, for cleaning the metal chips from the work area.
  • Internal Oil Coolant system with a powerful oil radiator, fan and safety gages.
  • Two Operating Consoles, allowing machine operation and setup from both sides (VN-20).
  • Videx after-sale service. Guaranteed answer in 24 hours. Spare parts in 48 hours.

    Model and Specifications





    Nail diameter range

    2.0mm to 4.5mm

    5/64” to 11/64”

    2.0 to 10.0mm

    5/64” to 3/8”

    2.8 to 10.0mm

    3/32” to 7/16”

    2.0 to 8.0mm

    5/64” to 5/16”

    Maximum form length









    Nail length range

    (longer or shorter upon request)

    30 to 100mm

    (1¼” to 4”)

    30 to 110mm

     (1¼” to 4-1/8”)

    60 to 150mm

    (2.3” to 6”)

    25 to 100mm

    (1” to 4”)

    Maximum production Ring nails

    Maximum production Spiral nails

    2,000 nails/minute

    1,600 nails/minute

    2,500 nails/minute

    1,800 nails/minute

    2,500  nails/minute

    1,800 nails/minute

    5,000 nails/minute

    3,200 nails/minute

    Main motor

    11 KW (15 HP)

    11 KW (15 HP)

    15 KW (20 HP)

    18.5 KW (25 HP)

    Floor space

    1.6m X 1.1m

     (5.2’ X 43”)

    1.7m X 1.1m

     (5.6’ X 43”)

    1.9m X 1.2m

    (6.2’ X 47")

    2.5m X 1.2m

    (8.2’ X 47”)