videx machine engineering

Machinery For The Wire & Fastener Industry



Videx Fully Automatic line for production of Weld-Studs from drawn, ribbed and indented ribs wire.

The machine straightens wire from coil, cuts to length, chamfers, drills and loads flux balls on one side.

Heading is optional.


Operation Sequence:

  • The straightening machine is a combination of feed boxes that pull the wire with a rotating straightener, which straightens the wire through the ribs without damaging them.
  • The wire hits the positive stop and is sheared by the Flying Shear through a closed quill and open knife.
    The wire is supported during the cut-off process, to assure square accurate cut.
  • The cut-to-length blanks accumulate in a magazine.
  • The parts are clamped and then chamfered and drilled with one tool, on one side.
  • The parts are stamped with logo on the opposite side.
  • The parts are transferred to the next station, where a flux ball is pushed into the bore (loader is not included).
  • The last station is inspecting the aluminum flux ball
  • The finished parts are ejected outside the machine.                                                                                                                                                


Machine Specifications:

Minimum wire diameter:              Ø 1/2”.

Maximum wire diameter:              Ø 1" @ 700 N/mm² (100,000 psi).
                                                            Ø 1.098” over the ribs (90,000 psi) and .977” under the ribs

Wire type:                                         Round and Ribbed

Minimum part length:                     8”

Maximum part length:                    80” (2,030mm) per request.

Chamfer size:                                    1.5mm to 3.0mm ±0.3mm.

Flux Ball size:                                    .109” (2.77mm), .125” (3.18mm), .156” (3.96mm), .187” (4.75mm)

Bore diameter tolerance:               + 0.15mm.

Bore depth:                                        1.3mm to 2.2mm.

Bore depth tolerance                      + 0.25mm.

Production rates (without facing): 10-30 PPM (10-24 PPM for wire over Ø1”)

Production rates with facing:          Max 16-18 PPM.

Floor space:                                        7.0m X 2.6m.

Wire inlet height:                              1,400mm