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VIC; Impact Cutters for long bars

The Videx VIC Impact Cutters are designed to cut medium and hi-tensile bars.  The machines are offered with optional in-line chamfer station.

The VIC are optionally equipped with computer for calculating the number of parts that can be cut from each bar.  The cut-to-length parts are diverted to one side of the machine while the short residual parts are diverted to the back side of the machine and into a short parts bin (not supplied).

A tight length tolerance (about ±0.2mm measured between centers) is achieved due to the fact that the bars hit a positive stop before cutting.  The wire edge is square and accurate, as the wire is supported during cut-off.

The cut-off is activated by a Hydraulic Impact cut-off piston that provides a good cut face even when working on mild steel. 

The run-off guide is reliable and easy to set. No adjustments are needed when changing wire diameters within a diameter range!

The wire slides between stainless steel bars and is supported by a bottom gate that opens when the cut-off takes place.  The positive stop can be located anywhere along the rails with no need to dismantle any parts of the rails.

The cut-to-length bars accumulate in a magazine from where they are transferred to the chamfer machine, where they are chamfered on one or both ends.









  Bar diameter range, 

  up to 700N/mm² (100 kpsi)


3/8” – 1”


5/8” – 1½”


¾” – 2””


¾” – 2¼”


1” – 3”

  Minimum cut length

50mm (2”)

60mm (2¼”)

75mm (3”)

90mm (3½”)

100mm (4”)

  Maximum cut length

3,000mm (10’)