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Videx is offering an Operator-Friendly Chamfer Machine that is inexpensive and simple to use.

The bars are fed by the operator into a collet, where they are clamped and then chamfered by a moving head.

The speed of the chamfer spindle is adjustable by the operator according to wire diameter and hardness.

The machine is equipped with an adjustable chamfer head for the entire range of wire diameters within machine range.

The chamfer size is accurate and repetitive due to a use of a positive stoop through the spindle or an optional sliding stop for hollow parts, which can be faced and chamfered on the ID and OD. 

The machine works dry without coolant.




·  5.4mm to 75mm diameter capacity

·  500 to 2000 RPM electronic variable speed drive.

·  Adjustable 22º or 30º or 45º chamfer head for OD chamfering.   
    Other angles upon request.

·  Optional turning heads for pipes, face, OD and ID chamfer.

·  Quick Change-over for diameters; only 5-7 minutes.

·  Fast operation; Chamfer takes less then a second.

·  Totally enclosed cutting area with chip drawer.

·  Fully adjustable feed rate.

·  Through-the-spindle stop rod.

·  2.2 Kw / 3 phase motor, 400V, 50Hz.

·  Forklift slots for easy transport. Optional wheels.

·  Compact design, 60cm X 90cm.

·  Weight: 600 Kg.