videx machine engineering

Machinery For The Wire & Fastener Industry



The Videx VCM-D Dual-Side 2-Station Chamfer Machines will chamfer and turn straight bars as they come out of the Draw Bench; uneven in length.

The machines can either be self-standing hand feed, or integrated as part of a complete Bar Line.

The different Videx models cover the bar diameter range of 5mm to 76mm and length range of 1 to 8 meters.

The machines have 2 working stations and 2 idle stations;

At the first step, the bars are pushed to one side and are chamfered on one end.  Then, the bars are transferred and pushed to the other side and are chamfered on the second end.

The Videx chamfer heads are uniquely supported inside a bushing, resulting in a high quality chamfer and lower wear of the carbide chamfer tips.

The Turning Heads can optionally do multiple operations and turn a finished part with a face, chamfer, or a center hole.

This new line joins the traditional Videx line of straighten, cut and turn machines which process precise length bars. These machines are equipped with Servo-operated turning stations that can turn precise and complex parts on both sides. 

Videx Straighten and Cut Machines are available for the diameter range of 5 to 38mm.  All machines are equipped with positive stop, assuring equal length chamfer, regardless of bar length variation. A length tolerance of 0.1mm can be achieved, thus allowing chamfering both ends at the same time.