videx machine engineering

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The VBH bending machines are designed for bending of pre-cut blanks, fed into a one-row magazine (optional bulk magazine with a scrambler is available).


The new models are optionally equipped with the Videx Slide-Die Bending system that covers the complete range of round-bottom shapes within the machine"s size range. Extra tooling can also be purchased to cover the range of Square bottom parts. Only bending punches need to be changed.

The VCCB machines start from bar stock. The machine receives bars from a bar feeder and cuts the bars to a precise length. The residual short pieces are removed into a scrap bin on the back side of the machine.

After cutting, the parts are chamfered on both ends using specially enclosed heads that remove the chips to the outside of the machine.

The cut and chamfered parts are transferred into the bending station, where they are bent to the precise shape.

The bending station uses the Slide Die Bending System, covering the whole range of round bottom shapes; Only round bending hammer discs are required for each part. A package of tooling is also available for the entire range of Square Bottom shapes.

No centering required! The overbending arms move left-right by one lead screw, and are clamped to their seat by the Videx hydraulic clamping system.

For non-symmetrical parts, the leg length is fully adjustable on both sides of the part.

Quick-change magazine and bending tools are ideal for short batches of even 500 pcs.

The length between bending rollers can be read on a digital display (optional).

Mechanical bending system, assures a highly repetitive distance between legs.

Fully mechanical, maintenance free drive system.

Optional finished parts conveyor for handling and packaging purposes.

Model & Specifications





Minimum Wire diameter

4mm (.160)

5mm (.200")

6mm (.250")

10mm /3/8”)

Maximum wire diameter @ 800 N/mm² / 110 kpsi

11mm (7/16")

16mm (5/8”)

20mm (3/4”)

25mm (1”)

Minimum Thread size, for bending of U-Bolts

M-4  (#8 NC)

M-6 (1/4”)

M-6 (1/4”)

M-12 / 1/2”)

Maximum Thread size @ 650 N/mm² / 92 kpsi

M-10 ( 3/8”)

M-14  (5/8”)

M-20 (3/4”)

M-33 (1¼ ”)

Blank length before bending

(shorter and longer upon request)









Max. distance between round bottom U Bolt legs

125mm (5")

150mm (6")

175mm (7")

250mm (10")

Max. distance between square bottom U Bolt legs

150mm (6")

180mm (7")

250mm (10")

500mm (20")

Production rate

60-150 PPM

50-140 PPM

40-120 PPM

25-90 PPM


4.0 KW / 5.5 HP

7.5 KW / 10 HP

11 KW / 15 HP

18.5 KW / 22 HP

Floor space

(6.5’ X 39")

(7.5’ X 43")

(12’ X 47")

(14’ X 55")