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 The VA models combine Perfect thread quality, excellent die life and a very high production rate.

The closed structure models feature a real breakthrough in the planetary system. This new technology enabled Videx to offer thread rollers with longer die pocket, up to 200mm and 300mm.

The Closed-Structure system is designed to overcome deflection which is unavoidable in other machines. It creates a closed frame between the segment and the rotary dies, avoiding the need to shim the dies. 

Using the Supported Spindle, the machines roll 100% parallel threads on any length of parts and any material hardness.

An immediate result of the supported spindle construction is a considerable increase in thread rolling die life, especially when rolling pre-hardened parts, between 25Rc and 45Rc.  This improvement in die life is now opening new opportunities for the planetary system with lower cost per piece than any other system on the market


Main features of the VA-ES line:

  • Closed Frame, Supported Spindle structure, allowing rolling parallel threads on long and hi-tensile fasteners without compromising on the thread quality.  The Closed frame prevents the “breathing” of the dies and results in double the die life of a standard machine!

  • Hydraulic Clamping of the thread rolling dies and Micrometric Screws for quick-change and precise adjustment of the thread rolling dies on both stations.  This feature also allows quick change to a previously made part.

  • Controlled Feed, equalizing the line speed of the blank to the speed of the rotary die, thus eliminating slippage and resulting in higher quality threads.  This feature is extremely important when rolling long parts with short threads that tend to slip.

  • Feed Rails made out of stainless steel with replaceable hardened ends.  The rail clearance is adjusted by hand, with no wrenches. The upper rail swings around a pivot and is equipped with a spring loaded end over the wide hold back finger, for precise thread length under the head. 

  • Automatic air shut-off systems turns off the air supply to the feeder during the time it is not working and to the feed rails when the machine is not operating.

  • Fine adjustment Thread Matching device allows independent, 3-minute perfect match of the dies with a touch of a finger.

  • AC speed controller is standard, enabling to run at the highest possible rate for each part.

  • Hi-Speed Vibratory Feeder with fine adjustment settings and noise absorption layer inside.  The feeder base is manually adjustable with no wrenches.  To change the thread length, the whole feeder is lifted from one point, with the feed rails.

  • Computer with a digital screen for messages, speeds, etc.

  • The VA series is designed to work 24 hours a day.  It has no clutches, slides or hydraulics and it requires almost no maintenance.


Model & Specifications







Thread range ; VA-ES model
@ 700 N/mm² ( 100 kpsi)

M-3 to M-12

NC#6 to 1/2”

M-4 to M-16

NC #8 to 5/8"

M-6 to M-20

1/4” to 3/4”

M-10 to M-24

3/8” to 1”

M-12 to M-27

1/2” to 1-1/8”

M-16 to M-33

5/8” to 1-1/4”

Thread range ; VA model
@ 700 N/mm² ( 100 kpsi)

M-3 to M-10

NC#6 to 3/8”

M-4 to M-12

NC #8 to 1/2"

M-6 to M-16

1/4” to 5/8”

M-10 to M-20

3/8” to 3/4”

M-12 to M-24

1/2” to 1”

M-16 to M-30

5/8” to 1-1/8”

Thread Length

Standard Extended



80 mm



125mm (5”)


155mm (6-1/8”)


155mm (6-1/8”)


200mm (8”)

Maximum blank length













Maximum output


800 PPM


640 PPM


480 PPM


360 PPM


300 PPM


240 PPM


  (*)  Maximum thread is rated @ 700 N/mm² ( 100 kpsi