videx machine engineering

Machinery for the Wire & Fastener Industries


The VA-T bolt series are also making use of the Videx feed system, that allows a perfect separation of the part that is fed into the dies from the other parts, so the part start rotating only after it is independent in between the dies.

Feeding the parts past the other parts require a very long feed stroke that is available by a pneumatic cylinder through the pivoted feed arm.


Feeding the T-Bolts requires using a special T-Bolt feeder that was developed for Videx is the USA and is now available for T Bolts from M-10 up to M-24.


The above described feed system allows high production rates.  For example: M-20 x 125 T-Bolts can be rolled at 100 PPM and M-10 X 50mm can be rolled at 200 PPM.