videx machine engineering

Machinery for the Wire & Fastener Industries


hi-speed production of Self-Drill Screws.  The machine accepts headed blanks directly from the header and performs the following operations:

  • Removal of the butts.
  • Separating the butts from the finished parts.
  • Calibration of the diameter of the bottom part of the 
    self-drill screws.
  • Thread rolling the upper part of the self-drill screws.

The main advantages of the machine are:

  • Higher output than any other machine.  
    The VA-10-SD can work at a rate of 600 Self-Drill Screws per minute!
  • Zero maintenance, due to use of a planetary system, with no feed slides and no wearing parts.
  • Competitive cost of Thread Rolling dies.  The rolling cost per piece is lower than in most other machines.
  • 100% separation of the butts.  The finished parts are discharged from the front of the machine and the butts are discharged into a waste bin, on the side.  The use of the Planetary System allows perfect separation due to the fact that the thread rolling dies are rotating in one direction and the butt outlet point is always fixed in one place.
  • Excellent Thread quality.  The VA-10-SDS is equipped with a Taper Free mechanism for parallel threads and a Controlled Feed mechanism, that equalizes the linear speed of the blanks to the linear speed of the rotary die, so there is no slippage between the blanks and the thread rolling dies at time of introduction.
  • Precise diameter of the Self-Drill tip.  The machine is equipped with Separate adjustment systems for the Ironing operation and the Thread Rolling operation. 
    The Thread Rolling dies are equipped with Micrometric screws and hydraulic clamping, allowing a very precise adjustment of the thread quality.
    The “Ironing” operation is separately adjusted, using an independent Push/Pull mechanism, that helps control the diameter of the self-drill portion of the screws.
  • Inexpensive Ironing dies, that last “forever”.




   Minimum thread diameter:


   Maximum thread diameter:

   #12. (can be converted to roll metric threads up to M-8).

   Thread rolling die height:

   maximum 60 mm.

   Blank length:


   Spindle speed:

   5-150 R.P.M, infinitely variable.


   Up to 800 PPM.


   600 Self-Drill Screws per minute, 
   #10-16 X 3/4 & #12-14 X 1”.

  Thread trolling die size

   Videx V-10 / GR-2, Ø 127 mm X Ø 241.3 mm.

   Feeder bowl diameter:

   24", specially designed for Self Drill Screws.

   Feeder bowl loading height:

   1,600 mm.

   Floor space:

   2,200 mm X 1,100 mm X 1,700 mm.


   1,500 Kg.

   Electrical connection:

   4.0 KW / 5.5 HP (3 X 400/460V, 50/60Hz) 
   + 15 Amp. (1 X 110/230V)