videx machine engineering

Machinery for the Wire & Fastener Industries


The VA-S are equipped with a very deep die pocket, that enables to install two segment holders and perform two rolling operations on two sides of the blank at the same time.

The VA-S models have Supported Spindle and Two Rolling Stations, enabling to roll virtually any part on the market, either above or below the head.

The machine in the picture is also equipped with a chamfer station for rolling the chamfer above the thread.  By utilizing an additional T-Bolt feeder, that machine can also feed and roll T-Bolts.


The two rolling stations are mounted at a fixed distance from each other.  The upper station accepts parts which are rolled above the head and the bottom station accepts standard screws, T Bolts and long parts that are supported on the upper station and are rolled in the bottom station. 


The machine is equipped with two sets of feed rails and two floating feed arms, that can be positioned anywhere along the introduction shaft, for feeding long blanks on both sides at the same time.  This feature is especially important when rolling long parts that should be fed both in the thread area and in the head area.


The two rolling stations are independently set.  Each one of them has a separate thread pressure adjustment with hydraulic clamping and micrometric screws.