videx machine engineering

Machinery for the Wire & Fastener Industries


The Dual-spindle VA-K thread rollers are designed for rolling knurls and threads on wheel bolts in two consecutive operations, done one after the other. 


The machine is used for the following applications:

Ø  Knurl and Thread Rolling of Wheel Bolts.

Ø  Knurl and Thread Rolling of Socket Head Cap Screws.

Ø  Chamfer, Groove and Thread standard and long bolts.


The two rolling heads are independently set and matched, eliminating any influence of one rolling operation on the other.


The Thread and knurl are rolled one after the other, while the blanks stay oriented in the feed rails, after the first rolling station operation and prior to the second rolling operation. This construction assures that there is no damage to the thread.


Advantages of the Dual Head Thread Rollers:

·      The separate operation assures a better quality of each rolled operation. It also helps to better control the separate operations and the tooling used.

·      The speed achieved is higher than in any other system because the second operation does not slow down the machine.

·      By saving the handling, it eliminates the possibility of mixing parts, such as heat treated parts with non heat treated parts.

·      It allows rolling with inexpensive tooling, while having complete control of the quality of each rolling operation.  When a tool has to be replaced, it can be done in minutes.

The production rate for example, on standard Wheel Bolts, is 320-500 PPM. 

Both threading stations have Hydraulic Clamping of the Thread Rolling Dies, Zero-Taper Mechanism for parallel threads, and Micrometric Thread Pressure Screws. 

Other standard features include AC Speed Controller, Automatic Air Shut-Off and Dual Operator Control Panel on both sides of the machine, for convenient and safe operation.  The control panel at the back is also used when setting up the feeder.