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Dual-Column Uncoilers



Dual-Column Hi-Speed Uncoilers

Single Uncoiler units; VHU

Dual-Uncoiler installations; VHU-D


VHU Horizontal Dual-Column single Uncoilers and Pre-straighteners are designed to feed wire at high speed into straightening and cut-off machines with almost no operator intervention.  They feed the wire at the right speed and will loosen the coils in case a coil tends to tangle.

The uncoilers accept large wire coils, unbundle the free end and feed the first span of coil into the preliminary straightener and then into the next machine in line.


VHU-D Dual-Uncoiler installations include one fixed VHU uncoiler and one moving VHU uncoiler, mounted on a common base, enabling safe coil change within 3 minutes.


  • Full integration with straighten and cut-off machines; The uncoiler will start and stop with the machine in both Forward and Reverse modes.
  • Hardened Columns, supporting the coils and turning through a powerful gear motor.
  • Pneumatically operated Feed Wheels, for easier feed of a new coil. 
  • 4 ton capacity, allowing loading more than one coil at a time, to save change-over time.
  • Integral cutting saw (Optional) for cutting the coil end. 
  • Two stages of overbending, assures straight wire which will easily feed into the next machine.
  • Quick Change gages for quick diameter change.
  • Pneumatic Pressure adjustment of the feed rolls for easier replacement of a new wire coil.
  • End-of-coil sensor shuts down the line and allows operators jogging the wire in slow speed to safely utilize and finish the coil.
  • Operating Consoles from both sides of the machine.


Model and Specifications




VHU-35-D Dual-Uncoiler

Wire diameter range





Coil inner diameter





Coil weight

2,500 kg

4,000 kg


3,000 kg

Coil Height





Wire feed speed

5-70 meter / minute

5-60 meter / minute


5-70 meters/minute

Wire outlet height

As per request



Wire speed in Reverse mode

5 meters/minute

5 meter/minute


5 meters/minute

Floor space

1.8m X 3.4m

2.4m X 4.4m


4.7m X 5.0m


4 tons

7 tons


10 tons

Main Gear motor

7.5 Kw (10 HP)

11 Kw (15 HP)


7.5 Kw (10 HP)