videx machine engineering

Machinery For The Wire & Fastener Industry



Videx Machine Engineering was founded in 1973 as a two man company by David Wiesenfeld, who was until that time a plant engineer of a company producing bolts. The first machines Videx made were semi-automatic, magazine feed thread rollers, that were sold in the local market.

In 1975, Videx has exported the first machine. 2 years later, in 1976, Videx made the first fully automatic machines, working directly from coil. A bending station was added in 1980, and the VAS machine became the first one in the world, producing U bolts from wire coils.

Videx has gradually made its name as a world leader in machinery for specials products from wire coils. Today, most machines are built according to the customer‚s requirements and exact specifications, intended for the manufacturing of special parts and meeting the highest quality standards both for automotive and general.

The high performance accuracy and low maintenance costs of Videx machines have attracted customers from all parts of the world. With its expanding program, 95% of Videx machines is sold to all leading manufacturers in the USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, South America and other countries.

Videx is constantly investing in the Research and Development of new techniques, and in improving the reliability and durability of the machines and the processes. A special emphasis is put in the last 3 years, to reduce the change-over time.

Videx employs 50 people including 10 Engineers, which is our greatest pride and advantage, enabling us to meet the most strict customer demands and requirements.

Following are Videx main machinery lines:

  • Planetary Thread Rollers for headed fasteners.
  • Double spindle Thread Rollers for Wheel Bolts.
  • Planetary Nail Rollers.
  • Straightening & cut machines for drawn and reinforced wire.
  • Straighten, Cut and Chamfer machines.
  • Chamfer machines for pre-cut blanks.
  • Complete lines for production of threaded Rods.
  • Fully automatic machines for production of Eye-bolts and U-bolts.
  • Straightening, Cut-Off, Extrusion and Thread Rolling machines.
  • Long Stroke Rod Headers from magazine or coil.
  • Mine-Roof bolt machines.
  • Thread rolling dies for Planetary machines.
  • Bundling machines for Threaded Rods.